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musical video 2018

superstudio 3.jpg

Direction and Editing

Patrizio Gioffredi

Photography  - Subject - Editing

Duccio Burberi


Set Design

Daria Pastina


Aurora Damanti

Make up

Diletta Alterini

Film by John Snellinberg 


Luke Tahiti​

Eleonora Cappelletti


SuperStudio is a song drawn from the album 'Decade' by Calibro 35.


During the planning of the video, with the director, we imagined our two main characters in an atsmophere between the 60' s pop cinema, with a particular reference to the film Femina Ridens byPiero Schivazappa, and to the most recent tv series Mad Men.

A suspanded history between the eroticism and the noir, a perfect context for the works by Superstudio, Archizoom, Ettore Sottsass e Fabio Mauri.

Supported by: Centro Studi Poltronova, Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi, Regione Toscana, Casa - Studio Leonardo Savioli.

in Collaboration with

Record Kicks & CALIBRO 35

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