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La casa di Bernarda Alba

Premiere 21 October 2020

Teatro Stabile of Torino - Teatro Nazionale


Federico Garcìa Lorca

Direction and Adaptation of the Text

Leonardo Lidi

Set and Light Design

Nicolas Bovey


Aurora Damanti


Dario Felli

Still Photographer

Luigi De Palma

'la casa di bernarda alba' inaugurates the season at teatro carignano 

                                                                        with the Direction of leonardo lidi



Francesca Mazza

The Servant

Orietta Notari


Francesca Bracchino


Paola Giannini


Barbara Mattavelli


Matilde Vigna


Giuliana Bianca Vigogna


Riccardo Micheletti

The Daughters 

 " The black and mourning clothes of Bernarda Alba and her daughters for the death of the family man ... And to create a contrast are the white/silvery wigs of the daughters, a little bit all the same, as if they were the dancers af a certain television variety of the Sixties ."


"the fate of one will be the fate of all"

(amelia, la casa di bernarda alba)

"Ah! She put on the green dress that she had made for her birthday and she went to the garden, screaming loudly: "Chikens, chickens, look at me!" 

(maddalena, la casa di bernarda alba)

"And in fact the case, the stage machine  sets up for this European Lorca by Lidi it is nothing more that a glass box, a case for insects, a reptile house where poisons and implications crawls. A case of female snakes that who flatter and threaten each other by keeping their own lane as it if were a quastion of safeguarding one's space at any cost. For this reason there isn't any color and what is there,  once again expression of a inextinguishable desire, it's a green color of a power that cannot be expressed."

(Marcello Fois)

"Leonardo Lidi (...) now, directs one of the text that best embodies the critique of still topical issues such as conflict between authoritarian morality and the desire for freedom, the role of women, but also a look at hypocrisy and classism".


"(...) The scene of ' La casa di Bernarda Alba' directed by Leonardo Lidi it's pervaded by an overbearing albino glow, (...) compressed into a leaded plexiglass grating, wich at the same time act as sceens, glasses and asphyxial coffin: inside this blinded perimeter, designed for the occasion by Nicolas Bovey, some 'ibseniane' souls chase each other, abnormal and decolored unicorns of a "glass zoo" wich has the disturbing aftertaste of the "mental hospital bathroom". (...) The only chromatic note in this black and white fresco (to wich the costumes by Aurora Damanti contribute not a little between the chastened and the succinct), the Adele's green Hope  socks, prelude to the final metamorphosis of the girl which reappears in the post - mortem scene as Fiordipisello. (...) The end, leading us to silence offering us a sense of liberation, or rather of freedom".

(Matteo Tamborrino, Krapp's Last Post)

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teatro Stabile of Torino - Teatro Nazionale

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