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Lo Zoo di Vetro

premiere 4 November 2019

Sala Teatro Lac - Lugano


Tennesse Williams

Direction and Adaptation of the Text

Leonardo Lidi


Set Design and Light Design 

Nicolas Bovey


Aurora Damanti


Dario Felli

"Pop, Pink and Gloomy, is 'The Glass Managerie' by Leonardo Lidi." 

(Teatro e 


Tindaro Granata


Mariangela Granelli


Mario Pirrello


Anahì Traversi


"I give you Truth under the pleasant disguise of illusion"

(Tennesse Williams)


The Solitude and Hopper's 

               Melancoly Clowns  Inspiration 

a Work of Craftsmanship


fabric deying

I dyed the fabric of the father's pajamas, a light blue cotton with small stitching and rhombuses, in a bath of colors composed of powders of various shades of blue, recreating the color of the sketch and finding  harmony with the shades of the set design. 



The clown shoes were handcrafted from wise hands of the master Giuseppe Caputo who, starting from the sketches, made a prototype for each shoes, corrected several times until the final result was reached.



The flowers had been painted on the same fabric used for making the pajamas, were then cut out and sewn on the various parts of the pajamas not yet assembled by the perfection of the master seamstress Deanna Bardazzi.

"... They have unnatural and styliz grace(...) but the clownish appearance doesn't want to be an expression of derision(...) it pushes them into an atmosphere of ethereal abstraction, it makes them a little dark and a little heartbreaking masks." 

(Renato Palazzi, Il Sole 24Ore

"Lo zoo di vetro by Tennesse Williams. Surrealism on stage". 

(Sabrina Manavella, Il Chaos

"The masterpiece by Tennesse Williams in a very persoanl and incisive interpretation by the director Leonardo Lidi in an italian premiere at Theatre Carcano in Milano. (...)

The key to read the show is the clownish one: in a pink house act Tom and Laura, dress up with the melancholy standard of the white clown, that it refers to the figre of Pierrot, while the mother Amanda is characterized by more extroverted traits that also manifest themselves in acting. The show opens with a suggestive glance, contributing factor the beautiful scenography and the perfect costumes respectively of Nicolas Bovey and Aurora Damanti (...)".

(Davide Cornacchione, Opera Teatro

Behind the Scenes


Lugano in Scena 

Lac Lugano Arte e Cultura


tPE Piemonte Teatro europa

in partnership with

Centro teatrale Santa Cristina

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