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Giovanni and Paolo

Premiere 12 October 2013

beyond Falcone and Borsellino

Teatro Bolognini - Pistoia


Alessandra Camassa

Direction and Light Design 

Dario Garofalo

Set Design

Lucia Mammana

Sara Pellegrini


Aurora Damanti

Giovanni Falcone

Gaspare Balsamo

Paolo Borsellino

Dario Garofalo


Giusy Zaccagnini


Costumes as Ruins

We are in a metaphysical place.

Giovanni and Paolo are dressed with ruins,

a presence will guide their meeting on the stage.

"We are in the House of Elected Men. Here are all those in their life they stood out for their courage, onesty, dedication to work, acuity, but that they werent' perfect men. Therefore it isn't  the paradise".

(From Giovanni and Paolo - Beyond Falcone and Borsellino)

the theatre company 



la Bottega del Pane

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