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Il Gabbiano
Progetto Cechov - Prima tappa

Premiere 7 July 2022

Festival di Spoleto - teatro Caio Melisso

Arkadina (Francesca Mazza) Digital art


Anton Cechov


Leonardo Lidi

Set and Light Design

Nicolas Bovey


Aurora Damanti


Franco Visioli

Still Photographer

Gianluca Pantaleo


(in ordine alfabetico)

Semen S. Medvedenko

Giordano Agrusta

Evgenij S. Dorn

Maurizo Cardillo


Ilaria Falini

Konstantin G. Treplev

Christian La Rosa

Polina Andreevna

Angela Malfitano

Irina N. Arkadina

Francesca Mazza

Petr N. Sorin

Orietta Notari

II'ja A. Samraev

Tino Rossi

Boris A. Trigorin

Massimiliano Speziani

Nina M. Zarecnaja

Giuliana Vigogna

Sorin (Orietta Notari) Digital art

"on the stage- Leonardo Lidi explains - the dramaturgy of love and its absence,
refined drawing of characters and emotions. the ralationship between form and art".

" their two souls will merge in an attempt to create the same work together"

Nina (Giuliana Vigogna) Digital art


" ...she loves the lake like a seagull, and she's happy and free as a seagull... "


" Or you! Ancient venerable shadows! that in the nocturnal hours populated nostalgically the shores of this lake! kidnap us in a dream so that in prophetic ecstasy what will appear to us in two thousand years!"

Konstantin -(Christian La Rosa) Digital art
Medvedenko (Giordano Agrusta) Digital art

"why are you always wearing black?"


"i mourn for my life. I'm unhappy".

Masa (Ilaria Falini) Digital art

"...EnchantIng lake "...

Trigorin (Massimiliano Speziani) Digital art


"... day and night I am possessed by a single haunting thought: I must write, I must write, I must write, I must write..."

a lot of Iconographic Research

to arrive

at the final Sketches:

The paintings of Impressionist Painters including Monet, Manet, Renoire, vintage photographs and films they were my source of inspiration during the design phase. 

Dorn (Maurizio Cardillo) Digital art

"the moon swims among nocturnal clouds".

Polina :
"Kostja is playing. it means he suffers".

Polina (Angela Malfitano) Digital art
Samraev (Tino Rossi) Digital art

"... The sandy and cerulean palette of the costumes (wich, in the composition of Aurora Damanti, shows its own 'debit' to aa international chromatic neutrality) envelops the lucid and temperate acting of the actros". 

(Ilaria Rossini, 

Photo with the company, the director - Leonardo Lidi- and the manager of the Teatro Stabile dell'Umbria Nino Marino.

some processing steps:

 tailoring is 'caos'

paper patterns, choise of fabrics, realisation and alterations,

women tailor-made costumes

a team effort

... and a wonderful  company made up of great professionals...

turn up the volume


TSUTeatro Stabile dell'Umbria

Teatro Stabile of Torino - Teatro Nazionale

Emilia Romagna Teatro ERTTeatro Nazionale

in collaboration with

Spoleto Festival dei Due Mondi 

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