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La Città Morta

turn up the volume

Premiere 22 September 2020

la Biennale di Venezia - Teatro Goldoni

Direction and Adaptation of the Text

Leonardo Lidi


Set Design and Light Design

Nicolas Bovey


Aurora Damanti


Dario Felli


Mario Pirrello


Christian La Rosa


Giuliana Bianca Vigogna


"you look like the virgin iphgenia trated at the sacrifice"

(biancamaria, la citta' morta)

"an overwhelming prose at a fast face"

(maria fera, birdmen)



archeologist obssesedwith the surch of the tombs of the atrides


"The Leonardo's praparation costume involved 'decoration', deying and degradetion phases of the elements that compose it". 

"What do Little Tony and Bobby Solo have to do with the first play of the poet? Why an improbable Gabriele D'Annunzio wanders around dressed as Danny Zucco on a stairway of a Grease scene to attract the attention of his Sandy? The answer, to do moderns, it could be found in the word of the year: Fake. That's how a D'Annunzio without stops, ridiculous and violent, approcches himself to the theatre". 

(Theatre of Umbria) 

"(...) Lidi makes it clear that the high 'dannunziana' archeology can enter in contrasts with another archeology, that instead excavates from the world of the mass culture from that "Grease" that is now out of time too. The fact must be stressed that the very unespected imposition of the stage, the aligned choise of the costumes, and also the musical presence, (...) they are probably the most complete demonstration of that recognizable tendency in Lidi to affirm his own creative process on the base of one series of ideas and intuitions, we can say that, honestly brilliant". 

(Francesco Guazzo, Krapp's Last Post

the Theatre Company



Teatro Stabile dell'Umbria 

La Corte Ospitale

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