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Zio Vanja
Progetto Checov - Seconda tappa

Premiere 24 June 2023

Festival di Spoleto - teatro Caio Melisso

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Anton Cechov


Leonardo Lidi

Set and Light Design

Nicolas Bovey


Aurora Damanti


Franco Visioli

Still Photographer

Gianluca Pantaleo

Costumes realizes by

Sartoria Teatro Piccolo di Milano


Francesco Boscolo

Helena (Ilaria Falini) digital sketch.
Helena (Ilaria Falini)


(in ordine alfabetico)


Giordano Agrusta


Maurizo Cardillo


Ilaria Falini


Angela Malfitano


Francesca Mazza


Mario Pirrello

Old Vanja 

Tino Rossi


Massimiliano Speziani


Giuliana Vigogna


Astrov (Mario Pirrello)
Astrov (Mario Pirrello), bozzetto digitale.

"Three houses, or perhaps the same one, three families, or perhaps the same one, and love that supplants work: this strange family sung by Chekhov has the face of Gaber" ...

..."His irreverent mask. Or better yet Freak Antoni. May it be out of tune and ungrammatical. Defeated by its own ghosts" continues the director...

Sonja (Giuliana Vigogna), bozzetto digitale.
Sonja (Giulia Vigogna)
Marina (Francesca Mazza)
Marina (Marina Mazza), bozzetto digitale.

..."in Uncle Vanya art is relegated to a museum concept, the stuff of aristocratic pamphlets, a sterile intellectualism that no longer thinks of its people, which bores passion and allows the incapable to make a living from the theatre." says the director...

Vanja (Massimiliano Speziani)
Marija (Angela Malfitano), bozzetto digitale.
Vanja (Massimiliano Speziani), bozzetto digitale.
Marija (Angela Malfitano)

welcome to the world


60s and 70s

Professore (Maurizio Cardillo), bozzetto digitale.
Professore (Maurizio Cardillo)
Telegin (Giordano Agrusta)
Telegin (Giordano Agrusta), bozzetto digitale.
Vanja anziano (Tino Rossi), bozzetto digitale.
Vanja anziano (Tino Rossi)

some reviews

(...) "Aurora Damanti's costumes, exceptional, gaudy, cumbersome, only emphasize this circus of souls out of place in a time that has already been and will not be in the future. For this reason, the fake suicide in the finale it can only be an onomatopoeia pronounced by Vanya as if he were reading a comic, «PUM!», and the laughter that can be heard echoing in the room, those too are fake, from old television sitcoms.". (...)

(Lucia Medri,   Teatroecritica,

(...) "The unlikely eponymous hero has the face of Massimiliano Speziani, the brown trousers of thick fabric of someone accustomed to hard work, and the pink shirt buttoned up to the chin of someone who nevertheless aspires to a surface elegance: the brilliant chromatic solution of the costume, designed by Aurora Damanti, amplifies that existential disorientation and social marginalization from which Vanya seeks redemption in vain.". (...) “everyone, in this corner of Russia so similar to the Italian province of the late sixties, seems to bear the crystalline traces of a defeat in their clothing, gestures, and timbre of voice”. (...)

(Alessandro Iachino,

(...) "The director limits the space for movement of the actors, who are all frontal, dressed in 70s clothes, while the women wear Jackie Kennedy-style wigs as heavy as their thoughts" (...)

(Angela Calvini,

wigs what a passion

...when you are not a hairdresser but you devise all the methods to look professional...


curlers, combs, goose beaks and lots and lots of hairspray...

Here are the 60s-70s

tailoring department




fitting rooms

where you work and have a lot of fun


TSUTeatro Stabile dell'Umbria

in co - production with

Teatro Stabile di Torino - Teatro Nazionale

in collaboration with

Spoleto Festival dei Due Mondi 


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