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teatro stabile di Torino

Premiere 2 maggio 2023

Alfonso De Vreese,  digital sketch.
Alessandro Bandini, digital sketch.


Diego Plautieri


Leonardo Lidi

Set and Light Design

Nicolas Bovey


Aurora Damanti


Claudio Tortorici

Still Photographer

Luigi De Palma

Alfonso De Vreese,  digital sketch.


Alessandro Bandini

Alfonso De Vreese

Alessandro Bandini,  digital sketch..

It matters a little who the two lovers are in the story that will be explored, what matters are their souls within this unxeplored feeling.

what does it mean to love...

on what love really consists on...

some reviews

(...) "In Plautieri's drama (...) there seems to be no space for drama (excuse the pun): the beating and fluid rhythm of the jokes - now ironic, now weighed, now open to tasty inside jokes – nips any neurotic impulse, any morbid fixation in the bud, leaving room for pain and love in their human “truth”. To mark the times of these eponymous days, the chromatic changes of the costumes, wisely spun by Aurora Damanti: white, red and black". (...)

(Matteo Tamborrino, Krapp's last post, )

(...) "All this is translated on stage by the adrenaline-filled vitalism of Bandini and De Vreese, front and back of the same medal that the always precious Aurora Damanti wears with outfits that are sometimes the same, sometimes similar, almost as if to underline the points of contact and the subtle differences present in the declination of a passion always experienced and narrated at the top of one's lungs, and in which the spectator cannot help but be reflected, in his own way and according to his personal experience, in the series of mirrors which, with the curtain open, reflect the public in the last scene". (...)

(Roberto Canavesi, Sipario,

...we are a very strong team...

Photo with the company: Leonardo Lidi (the director), the precious Alba Porto (assistant director),  Claudio Tortorici (sound designer), Nicolas Bovay (scenographer), Alessandro Bandini, me, Alfonso De Vreese, Silvia Mannarà (seamstress), Daniele Colombatto (chief electrician), Boris Contardi (electrician) and not in the photo, the stage manager, Ermes Pancaldi.

Ph Luigi De Palma.


 Teatro Stabile di Torino - Teatro Nazionale

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